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Application Procedure

The Embassy of India, Dakar is pleased to announce that processing of applications for the ITEC Training Programme for the year 2019-20 has already been launched. The applications are now required to be filled in by the applicants themselves at the “Apply for ITEC” link at the new website Candidates can choose their own login email ID and create their login password, which would be used by the system to keep them posted of the processing status. After a candidate has applied for a course, he/she must take a printout of the application and send it to the Embassy of India, Dakar through the nominating Ministry/Organizations of their respective countries. The Embassy of India, Dakar will retrieve the application using the unique Application ID of the application and further process and transmit it to the Indian authorities for further action.

The ITEC brochure for the year 2019-20 can also be downloaded through as “Training Brochure 2019-20” under “Courses” head.

The following guidelines may be taken care of while applying for any course under ITEC:

(i) The candidate should be proficient in English and has sufficient knowledge in the subject concerning the course selected by him/her.

(ii) Candidates should be from the Government, Semi-Government sector, Public sector undertakings, Universities and Chamber of Commerce and Industries, private sectors and NGOs/NPOs. The nominations should be recommended by the Government of the Republic of Senegal/The Gambia/Cabo Verde/Guinea Bissau. In case of candidates from the private sector, NGOs etc. an indication is required in the application form itself that the nomination is recommended by the Local organizations such as Chamber of Commerce etc. (if any).

(iii) A printout of the duly filled-up online ITEC application form recommended/forwarded by the respective Government authorities of your country should be submitted to the Embassy at least three months before the commencement of the course for onward transmission to authorities in India.

(iv) The candidates must get vaccinations against Yellow fever, Hepatitis B which is mandatory for foreign students studying in India.

(v) The candidates should be in the age group of 25-45 years.

(vi) Academic qualification as laid down by the Institute for the course concerned.

(vii) The application will be automatically rejected if any column is inaccurate, incomplete or blank.

(viii) While filling the form, no abbreviations should be used. Write full name of degree, organization/institution, designation, etc.

(ix) Undertaking by the candidate and the recommendations from employer are compulsory pre-requisites.

(x) If a candidate has already attended a course sponsored by Government of India, he/she is not eligible for ITEC courses.

(xi) The Candidate should not carry any arms, ammunitions and prohibited items as these are illegal.

(xii) The candidate must be medically fit to undertake the training. The candidates may kindly note that Government of India will provide medical cover only of emergency nature arising during the period of training.  For regular and chronic ailments, the candidates may be advised to bring their medicines used on a regular basis. For regular/chronic ailments, all consultation charges of doctor/medicines etc. would be borne by the participants.

(xiii) The candidates should complete the course. If a need arise during the Course to leave India, they must seek prior permission of the respective Institute as well as the Ministry of External Affairs.  Failure to do so would make them liable to refund the cost of training, air ticket, etc. incurred by Government of India.

(xiv) The detailed terms and conditions may please be seen at

The Embassy of India would also like to inform that the Government of India would provide the following to the selected candidates :

i) Excursion fare/economy class return air ticket

ii)Visa on Gratis basis

iii) Course Fee

iv) Accommodation – Hostel or Hotel

v) Living Allowance @ Rs. 1,200/- per day.

vi) Study tours during the course (including places of historical importance)

(It may be noted that the expenditure incurred during transit visa and insurance fee, if any would be borne by the candidates themselves.)

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