Embassy of India in Dakar

announces simplified application procedure for
ITEC Scholarship
with immediate effect (from 21 August 2019)


To simplify the ITEC applications procedure, the following is put in place with immediate effect.


(1)  The applicant fills up online ITEC application form (carefully filling it at https://www.itecgoi.in/stream_list.php. Please note that any offline form would not be accepted).

(2)  The applicant obtains his/her health fitness certificate

(3)  The applicant emails to his nodal Ministry following details and attaching a copy of his health fitness certificate:

Nationality of the applicant

Online ITEC application reference number

Full Name as in passport of the applicant / Date of Birth

Designation / job title of the applicant / description of duties

Contact email, mobile and whatsapp number of the applicant

Full name of the ITEC course / Dates of the course

Confirmation health fitness certificate is attached

Reasons of interest in the course / how it would help the applicant (at least five substantive lines)









(4)  The nodal ministry forwards the email along with its substantive (at least five lines) recommendation to the Foreign Ministry (of the applicant). This step, however, is optional, and the nodal Ministry is welcome to send its recommendation directly to the Indian Embassy.

(5)  The foreign ministry (of the applicant) re-forwards the email to Indian Embassy in Dakar to itec.dakar@mea.gov.in with its own substantive recommendation. This part, as explained above, is not mandatory.

(6)  Indian Embassy in Dakar processes the application and conveys response in due course. [Indian Embassy even though welcomes recommendation of the Local Foreign Office, would nevertheless process applications received directly from the nodal line ministries.]


Please note that with the above changes, introduced with immediate effect (from 21 August 2019)

(a)   no hard copies / notes verbales / signed papers / any papers are required.

(b)  all correspondence has to be only by email.