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OCI Card
The Embassy of India issues Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) Cards to eligible applicants. Details regarding the OCI card scheme, including information on fresh applications and miscellaneous services online, can be obtained from website www.mha.nic.in/foreigDiv/OCI.html. For online registration, applicants can also directly reach the website by entering Download forms-OCI at the Google site.

After completion of online registration for fresh card or miscellaneous service, the reference number of the online registration may be sent to the Embassy by email at cons.dakar@mea.gov.in with a request for an appointment for interview.

The originals and copy each of supporting documents may be brought to the Consulate at the time of interview. The required documents are:

1) Print out of completed online registration form

2) Two photos (2 x 2 inches) with light colour background, one pasted on the form
Current Passport

3) ID/Proof of Residence

4.) Old Indian Passport (of parent/grandparent if applicant was never issued one)
Renunciation / Surrender Certificate of Indian Passport (of parent/grandparent if
applicant was never issued one)

5) Naturalisation / Registration Certificate of foreign nationality

6. Address Proof (recent utility bill)

7. Birth Certificate in cases where applying on the basis of parent's eligibility

8. Declaration of never having applied for or issued an Indian Passport or similar
declaration by parents on behalf of their children - where required
9. OCI eligibility is based on Indian lineage. If applicants have never possessed an Indian Passport and are applying on the basis of their parent's/grandparent's eligibility, proof of their Indian nationality is required to be submitted as also proof of their relationship with the applicant.
10. Applicants will be interviewed as part of processing of the OCI card application. After interview and subject to approval, applicants would be asked to deposit the OCI Card fee in cash. After payment of the fee, it may take upto one month for the OCI cards and Lifelong visa stickers to be ready as they are printed in New Delhi and sent to this Consulate. The applicants will be informed when their cards/visa stickers are ready. They would be required to send their Passports along with OCI Card fee receipt for collection of OCI Card and Lifelong Visa Sticker, which will be pasted on their Passport
OCI Card Fees : New Card : CFA 154000/-

Address: Embassy of India, 5, Avenue Carde, Ground & First Floors, B.P. 398, Dakar.

Contact e-mail address: indiaemb@orange.sn
Working hours: 0900 hrs to 1730 hrs (Monday to Friday)
Telephone Number: 00-221-338495875
Fax Number: 00-221-338223585

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