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Question: What is a visa?
Answer: Visas are the permission that are granted by a sovereign nation to a traveler permitting entry into that country for a specific purpose. Most visas are stamped into the traveler's passport. The most common types of visas are granted for the specific purposes of tourism, conducting business or attending a conference or symposium, establishing temporary or permanent residence, or going to school. A traveler must follow very distinct guidelines and procedures established by each sovereign nation in applying for the appropriate visa category.

Question: What type of visa should I apply for?
Answer: Please refer to the Types of visa issued page (Click here for the page). There you will find a detailed description of the available visas and the requirements for each.

Question: I was (or my parents were) born in Pakistan, is that a problem?
Answer: If you were born in Pakistan, the minimum processing time for a travel visa is six weeks. If your parents were born in Pakistan, your visa processing time may also be delayed.

Question: I am traveling through India to another country, do I need a visa?
Answer: Anytime you are traveling to India, you must obtain a visa. Transit visas are offered for this circumstance. Please visit the Documents required for visa page (Click here for the page) for more info.

Question: Are there specific vaccinations required to travel to India?
Answer: All persons who want to apply for Indian Visa must get inoculated against Yellow Fever at least 10 (ten) days prior to applying for the Visa and must produce genuine & valid Yellow Fever Vaccination Card both at the Visa Counter of this Embassy and at the Indian airport/check-post of entry.

Question: How do I apply for a visa?
Answer: First, you should review the requirements for the different visa types at the Types of visa issued page (Click here for the page) to determine what type of visa that will be required for your travel needs. Then, visit the Embassy to submit your visa application.

Question: How long will it take to get my visa?
Answer: Processing times vary based on visa type and nationality of passport.

Question: How much are the fees for visas?
Answer: The fee varies on the visa duration requested. Please click on this link for all fees: Visa fees page (Click here for the page). Please note that issuance of Five Years and Ten Years is upon the discretion of the Embassy. No refunds will be given if shorter visas are issued.

Question: I have a valid India visa on an old passport that has been renewed or replaced. Can I travel to India with both passports, or should I apply for a new visa?
Answer: In this case, we strongly recommend transferring the visa from the old passport to the new passport. The name on both passports must match.

Question: My baby has a ten year visa in her expired passport. Is a transfer of visa mandatory?
Answer: Transfer of visa is not mandatory, however it is recommended. The name on both passports must match.
Question: I was issued a visa for a different length of time than I originally applied for, why?
Answer: Visas are issued at the Embassy's discretion. In some circumstances, visas will be issued for a length of time that is less than what was requested.

Question: What date is my visa valid from?
Answer: The visa is valid beginning on the day it is issued. So a 6 Month visa issued on January 1 would be valid until June 30.

Question: How long can I stay in India with my current visa?
Answer: The maximum stay allowed in India on any Indian Visa is 180 days, with the exception of an Entry Visa. An Entry Visa allows the holder to stay for the duration of the visa.

Question: I have a visa, but I am now traveling for a purpose that is not covered under my current visa. Should I travel on my visa anyway, or should I apply for a new visa?
Answer: It is advised that you always travel with the type of visa that is most appropriate for your travel purpose. Immigration officials may deny entry if the type of visa does not match the purpose of the visit.

Question: Is there a limit on how many times I can I travel to India with my multiple entry visa?
Answer: There is no limit to the total number of times you can travel to India on a multiple entry visa.

Question: Can I hold two active Indian visas at the same time?
Answer: No, the Indian government will not permit two valid visas at the same time. Your currently active visa will need to be cancelled upon approval and issuance of a second visa.

Question: Can I extend a currently active visa?
Answer: No, the Indian Government does not offer extensions for visas. You must apply for a new visa.

Question: My name has changed or is changing; do I need a new visa?
A. If you have not obtained a new passport, and you still have your non-expired passport with your prior name and a valid visa issued in your prior name, please travel with your marriage certificate or proof of name change.
B. If you have been issued a new passport in your new name and you still have your previously issued passport (with a valid visa), please request transfer of visa and submit a copy of your marriage certificate or proof of name change.
C. If you do not have your previously issued passport, please apply for a new visa with your new passport.

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