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When to renew the passport and when to apply for a new passport?


An Indian passport is normally valid for 10 years from the date of its issue. It must be replaced with a fresh passport after expiry of its validity. Application for a fresh passport can be made up to one year before the date of expiry of the present passport. It is always better to apply well in time. Similarly, if your passport is due to expire but has not lived its life of 10 years you should apply well in time for its renewal.


The lamination on my passport has peeled off; is my passport ok to travel?


If the lamination of your passport has peeled off, the passport is considered to be damaged. You will need to apply for a fresh booklet (passport) under the damaged category.


Do I have to submit so many documents for an Indian passport? I am Indian.


An Indian Passport is a valuable document and is not issued unless the authority concerned is convinced about the authenticity of the service request. To ensure that there are no processing issues, the High Commission of India in Canberra has provided checklist specific to each passport category specific to applicants resident in Australia. We hope this will help ease any confusion with regards to the processing requirements.


Does my new born have to put a thumb impression for the issuance of her Indian Passport application form?


Your new born or minor child need not put his/her Thumb Impression on the Indian Passport application form. Please ensure that there is a letter enclosed, as mentioned on the checklist, stating the reason for why there is no signature or Thumb Impressions.


My child is just born. Which Passport Service category should I select; Fresh Passport or Passport for children upto the age of 18 years?


As you child is below the age of 18 years, all India Passport Service requests made until they turn 18 years of age should be selected as Passport for children upto the age of 18 years.


I got my passport 2 years ago. I got married recently. Should I include my spouse's name in my passport? If so, what is the procedure?


It is better to include your spouse's name in your passport. For this, please fill up application Form and submit it along with marriage certificate, photocopy of spouse's passport (if she has one).Original Marriage Certificate issued by Registrar of Marriages should be duly attested by the Home Department of the concerned State in India where the marriage is registered.


My passport expired 5 years ago. Can I renew it? What is the procedure for it?


Ans. In such a case, you have to fill up Application Form and submit it along with original/photocopy of your expired passport and proof of your residence/address and reason for delay in re -issue. However, since the passport expired 5 years ago, there is an elaborate procedure for re-issue.


What about Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) if it is applied for in conjunction with the application for a new passport? Should the charge for miscellaneous service be levied on this occasion?


Yes. Issue of PCC is a distinct miscellaneous service and does not form an integral part of the passport. The service should be applied on application form and the relevant fee should be charged in addition to the fee for issue of fresh passports


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